• Polymorphism of classes

    Polymorphism as a property of object oriented programming enables operator or method overloading. How is this property made available to common users in ObjectGears and for what can we use it? We will demonstrate it on a simple example.
  • Case study: Financial benefit award

    CIO Business World journal awarded the case study Project resources management in CSOB Leasing for financial benefits
  • Case study: Project resources management in CSOB Leasing

    CIO Business World journal published in September a case study: Project resources management in CSOB Leasing
  • Installer

    Installer will walk you through ObjectGears installation. It will enable you download packages with various extensions and upgrde to new versions. It will facilitate administration of more instances and their eventual licencing.
  • We won the award IT product of the year 2017

    We won the award IT product of the year 2017. The news was announced in the holiday issue of the magazine Computerworld.
  • Version 1.6.1 released

    Version 1.6.1 was released and free to download. Let`s take a look what news it is bringing...
  • ObjectGears data display on intranet

    ObjectGears data might need to be displayed also in a web presentation (on intranet). This can be achieved by various means. We will introduce a simple form of a page with iframe in this article.
  • Keywords

    Keywords are one of effective ways of information categorization. Today we will show in a practical example how ObjctGears supports keywords.
  • Tips and tricks: Immediate job execution

    Jobs are usually executed according to a certain plan. We will show in this article when we can utilize possibility of an immediate job execution.
  • New column type: Reference value from more classes

    There is column type "Value from a referenced class" used for reference links between classes. This column can refer to a single class only and this class cannot be changed any more after column creation. In case you want use more classes in the column, it is possible to refer to a common parent class. Now you can use also column referring to more classes even if they do not have a common parent.
  • Capacity planning on projects

    Capacity planning is a prerequisite for an optimal resource utilization and helps to avoid conflicts in case two or more projects require the same solver resources at the same time. How ObjectGears manages these challenges? This is the topic of today article.
  • Why to use global search

    What is global search, why to use it and how to. This is topic of today article.
  • License free for commercial use

    ObjectGears provides a license free also for commercial use. Why do we do that? And how to make use of this advantage? Read this article and begin using ObjectGears free for putting your ideas into practice, managing your organization and development of your enterprise.
  • Files in ObjectGears

    How to work with files in ObjectGears. This article deals with managing file types that can be attached to the records, setting up maximal size and splitting in columns.
  • Menu in ObjectGears

    ObjectGears built-in menu is located at the left part of the screen. It can be minimized and it responds to smart phones for an easy control also in a small screen. However, many users prefer a big full-screen menu in form of a guidepost. How to cope with that in ObjectGears? Today article comes with a solution example...
  • Version 1.5.0 released

    We have released a new version...
  • How to normalize data in ObjectGears

    Every database system administrator or developer has probably met following situation already couple of times. You start with a text field that gives users flexibility in data input but realize later on that you would rather need a reference to a master data table (foreign key), in order you address data quality and denormalization. E.g. you need to record other properties of the referred entity or link it to other information from your system. How ObjectGears can help with solving this issue? That`s the topic of this article.
  • Lean Six Sigma projects in ObjectGears

    Companies using Lean Six Sigma approach realize various projects within this activity. These projects differ from usual project conception in several aspects. Let`s take a look how ObjectGears can help with managing Lean Six Sigma projects portfolio.
  • New types of reports in version 1.5.1

    ObjectGears 1.5.0 brings several types of new reports. Let`s take a look how to use them.
  • How to cope with data growth

    Implementation is just where it begins. We have an initial data set at the beginning. Later on we start finding out that volume of data is growing and impacts application operation. How to deal with it? Read about it in our article.
  • Multilayer access right hierarchy

    Besides user access rights that determine e.g. who shall see which data, who can create, update or delete them, ObjectGears distinguishes two layers of administrator access rights. Let`s take a look what is this hierarchical structure good for.
  • Minimize losses by incident prioritization

    Target time to resolve an incident reflects business impact and urgency and it is often calculated by means of incident prioritization matrix. Let`s take a look at what we need to consider at implementation and how to tackle the prioritization.
  • News in version 1.5: My tasks

    We have implemented new useful functions into the new version. One of them is modification of the page My tasks. There are not only tasks from workflow displayed on this page now, but also records (tasks) that are assigned to you in whatever class may be displayed here.
  • Tips and tricks: Sorting of texts containing figures

    How to order text strings containing figures? ObjectGears brings a solution for you.
  • Tips and tricks: Integer sequences

    The function for automated generation of integer sequences enables an easy use of sequences in applications on ObjectGears platform. Choose sequence format according to your needs. You can manage everything with couple of clicking. Of course, you can work with sequences also in a script.
  • Rapid application development

    Rapid application development (RAD) is way to higher development effectiveness, savings in IT and shorter Time to market.
  • ObjectGears statistics 2015

    Take a look at several numbers about ObjectGears system evolution
  • Record template

    Record template enables user to save often used values in the record and later on apply these settings fast which increases user productivity when entering similar data (e.g. repeated questions of Service Desk staff or required confirmations for project manager).
  • We are releasing demo and a free version

    Try ObjectGears demo and download free version also for a commercial use.
  • References to users

    What it brings to you and what potential is hidden in this functionality?
  • User properties

    Properties of the user entity - what you should ask for your system.
  • User notifications

    What to require in the are of user notifications when choosing a new system and some more…
  • Utilize ObjectGears: Jobs and time operations

    Utilize ObjectGears: Jobs and time operations - How ObjectGears jobs and time operations can help solving batch processes.
  • Why to manage projects in ObjectGears

    Benefits of managing company in a project way and why to manage projects in ObjectGears.
  • Utilize ObjectGears: Queries

    Utilize ObjectGears: Queries - What you may not know about queries - filters, URL calls and scripts, column of type reference to N records, master-detail relations, web services, time operations, reporting, integration on database level.
  • Utilize ObjectGears: Workflow

    Utilize ObjectGears to maximum. Take a look how ObjectGears workflow can help with streamlining processes (delegation, non-trivial workflow course, events, synchronous and asynchronous execution).
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